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    Hello everyone . From KS
    I have a few 2 stroke bikes .
    And looking to build a 4 stroke unit .
    One problem .I cant seem to find a seller .
    For The 4G T Belt Drive Engine Kit .
    Anyone have a good lead with a phone number.
    I have looked at all the venders and e bay .
    I found one that would get me buy but not what i am after.
    There is no contact info and the emails don't go through.
    The 4G T Belt Drive Engine Kit would be more what im looking for .
    If you have any info .please pass it along

    Thanks mike

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    Welcome to MBc, Mike. I don't have a ready answer for you, but you might try having a chat with Dave Staton (405) 605-3765 at www.Staton-Inc.com He is a straight shooter, and if he can't come up with some good ideas for you, he should be able to set you in the right direction. He is also at www.Staton-Inc.com and you can quote this message if you like. He knows me as pfk@naples.net. Good Luck.
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