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    I am still trying to figure out which bike to build. I am a little late in the game for a Kulana Moon Dog or Schwinn Point Beach from Walmart. None of them around here have any more that I can find anyway. Maybe I'll wait until spring to see what they are going to carry.

    I Have seen a few Schwinn Jaguar's at Target and they seem to be a popular choice. Still waiting to see if the price will drop as we get into fall.

    Is there a difference in the physical size of the engine head and crank case between a 49cc and 70cc 2 stroke motor. I was going to get a 49cc kit to conform to the moped laws in MO, but if the 70cc's do not look any different maybe that would be OK.

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    There is also no difference in the physical size between a 50cc and a 90cc Lifan 4 stroke.
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