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  1. madman

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    Hi everyone. I've recently got into the motor bicycling craze and am currently providing humor for many people in the kansas city area. While everyone is laughing at me i'm enjoying the wind in my hair and the bugs in my teeth. I have an automotive background and tinkering with motors is something I enjoy....usually. I'm planning on custom crafting some bikes and will hopefully post some pictures someday. Goodbye for now. :jester:

  2. seanhan

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    Welcome Mad man !!!!
    Awesome hobby !!! I am having fun with it !!!
    Let em Laugh, just wait till gas hit's 3 bucks again and see who's asking for info on where to get a kit !!!
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of your bike ...
  3. srdavo

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    welcome to the group, neighbor!!
  4. skjjoe

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    welcome i am in independence
  5. Alibi

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    Cool! Its nice to see that theres actually several folks in the area :)