Hello from Kentucky!

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    Hello from Kentucky! (pics, vids)

    Hello from Kentucky! First, let me thank everyone for providing such a great resource for those of us who are just getting started.

    I don't have a motored bike (yet,) but I am working on it. I've got a full suspension Mongoose that I'm prepping for either a belt or chain-driven rack mount setup in the (hopefully) near future.

    I've always enjoyed making things faster than they ought to be. I currently have two other toys that have been modified for additional speed - a '92 Eagle Talon TSi with an EVO III 16G turbo + supporting mods, and a '97 Mazda Miata with a GT2860RS turbo + supporting mods, suspension work, and a 6-point cage. I sometimes run the Talon at the local drag races and I'm planning on running the Miata in some SCCA events this summer (I've run a few events in it previously, but not since the addition of the forced induction.)

    I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of my build. I haven't ordered any engine or drivetrain parts yet, but I've got some new tires, thorn-resistant tubes, Mr. Tuffy tire liners, bar-end mirrors, a suspension seatpost, and a digital speedometer on the way. I'm hoping that the Mongoose will eventually be as much fun as my other two modes of transportation! :smile:

    Pictures and videos below:

    Talon vs. LS1 GTO and then against a new Subaru WRX
    Talon vs. Acura NSX
    Talon vs. modified Altima 3.5

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    hey there spoom and welcome to the site it is a great place to learn the basics of motored bikes and also some pretty good technical stuff to try out as well
    hope you have good luck with your bike build
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    Thanks for the welcome!
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    hi; i just bought the $99 49cc. thanks mitch
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    A couple of updates:

    - Removed all of the awful mountain bike decals.
    - Swapped out to an all-black saddle.
    - Trued and zip-tied the spokes on the wheels.
    - Added longer axle to the rear wheel for pre-Gebe-ification.
    - Swapped the knobby tires for smooth 26x2.125 tires with Mr Tuffy liners and thorn-proof tubes.
    - Replaced the resin pedals with alloy pedals from a road bike.
    - Added a bottle cage with a Coleman aluminum bottle for extra fuel.
    - Added some mirrors.
    - Added a cycle computer to the upper main tube.
    - Added Planet Bike Cascadia fenders.
    - Adjusted the front and rear brakes.
    - Lubricated EVERYTHING.
    - Picked up a new 43cc Mitsu clone engine.
    - Used Duplicolor vinyl dye to change the red engine shroud to black.

    Still need:

    - Muffler, fuel tank, lights, and GEBE mount kit.

    I've also been toying around with my other projects. The Miata now has a set of 550cc injectors out of a 2nd gen RX-7 turbo and an XEDE piggyback computer. I took it out to a local SCCA event a couple weeks ago and had a pretty good time. I think I actually went SLOWER with the increased power - I'm having to re-learn how to drive the car!

    I'll keep everyone posted with the progress of the bike. Hopefully I will have the engine mounted soon.

    Pictures below:

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    Hi Spoom,
    Nice looking bike !! It's amazing how much better it looks without all the factory "adornment". What part of Kentucky are you in ? I live in Frankfort, and have a good friend that has a motored bike in Louisville. I hope to finally have my bike together next weekend if all goes well....the folks at UPS took the liberty of installing a new oil drain on the engine during shipping the first time around, but that's another story lol. Anyway, welcome to the forum and maybe someday we can take a ride together and compare notes ? I look forward to seeing your bike as it progresses.

    Good luck,
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    I live on the other (Western) end of the state, so a group ride probably isn't possible. Regardless, be sure to post up your bike when it's together, I'd love to see it!
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    The engine is together now. I added the muffler, fuel tank, and newly dyed engine cover today.

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