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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum. Had read about it when I was still living in Holland but since moving to Kenya and seeing motorized bicycles here I found the forum again.
    In Holland I ride a motorcycle, Honda Shadow. Here in Kenya I was planning to just ride a black mamba bicycle, but now that I've seen them with an engine in it, that's what I need!

    Hope to be able to learn a lot from all members here about motorized bicycling.

    Some pictures of motorized bicycles in Kenya can be found on my Flickr page:


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    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting the link to your Kenya bicycle pictures!

    It brought back some memories when I spend 3 weeks visiting Kenya about 20 years ago, of which I spend about a week wandering the streets of Nirobi. I remember bicycles being basic transportation there, and that the small bicycle repair shops would routinely repair frames by brazing in new tubes and clusters to keep them going.

    I also remember that there was a 200% duty on new cars, meaning that for every $1 you spent for a car, you had to give the government $2 in tax - in other words you had to pay 3X for a new car there. I would suspect that a new imported bicycle engine to be subject to this same tax.
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    Welcome to the forum. A girl that works with me is from Zimbabwe.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Those pics are great!, especially the one built for the rail track.

    All the Best,