Hello from Lincoln, Nebraska

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    My name is Jack and I'm thinking about getting a bicycle motor for my Mountain bike, mainly to commute to work.

    Right now I'm leaning toward a Robin-Subaru EH035 Friction Drive kit...

    I've done a little homework about the laws here in NE, under 49cc and under 2hp with pedals is considered a Moped here. No need to License or insure the Moped, but you need to wear a moped/motorcycle helmet, and have a Drivers License.

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    I can atest to the robin suburu eho35.This 4 stroke engine is way beyond good.Out of the box on a stanton friction drive running the 7/8"drive wheel (for our hills here) and my 220+lbs. the dual bqar is the only way to go.Spend the 13 bucks get both bars and set up is so easy. Had bike and motor system on in less than 2 hours.Spent today cruising the entire subdivision i live in. The stanton friction combo with the eho35 4 stroke does it for me,22 mph and cliombs hills with little or no peddling 15 mph and up. I say can't go wrong for the price. I know i will move up to the gebe some day just for now this is great.using it to go to work 8 miles one way. Takes a little longer but wow the thrill of actally being out with nature again here in the country. I used to drive motorcycles but back can't do it so the bikes are fine!!!!!!oh did i mention i spent 4 dollor in gas,yes but then thats gonna last for almost 2 weeks too!!!!!