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    I am not yet a motorized bike rider, but I am a motorized bike owner...in other words, i'm still in the building stage..

    I have a Dyno Glide Deluxe that I am preparing for install...I have been replacing as many bolts etc as I can on my 66cc frame mounted 2-stroke in anticipation of getting it up and running...
    (I was looking at ordering vibration dampening u bolts from McMaster but the sizes don't seem to correspond with my bike frame size (1 1/2")..any help with this would be greatly appreciated....)
    well, I just want to say that after browsing your forums, I can tell that the community here is really cool..I'm glad to be joining it...

  2. Mountainman

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    I think that you will have much fun here on site
    and I am sure
    that you will have a BLAST riding your MB

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. MachoMouse

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    Thanks very much!
    I'd say I have a week or so until I'm ready to fire her up...