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    First,let me thank you for this forum site. I have read through countless threads on here and this saved me tons of time, trouble and money as I built my first motorbike.

    I love bicycles! At 53 I still race bikes as a Cat 3. Been wanting a small two stroke motorcycle for some time and it dawned on me that with good mechanical skills, I could do my own thing. Sorry in advance, but I think that most of the motorcycle culture is yuppiefied trash culture. "Look at me on my $20K, noisy bike that gets 30mpg. No, thanks.

    I ride my bicycle about 10K miles per year and plan to use the motorbike for commuting to work through the Summer and Fall.

    As a kid, I got lots of experience playing with old lawnmower engines making go-carts and minibikes, though they were never any good. Working on this project has brought back a lot of memories. Hell, I had forgotten completely how a carburetor works! Now I feel like an expert.

    I'll start a new thread and describe my process, problems and successes! I am very happy with my first build!



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    Cool welcome.
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    Riding in hill country is great isn't it?
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    One of the things I've learned is that my HTmotor seems to cruise best going uphill. They are made to climb!