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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gruemungus, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. gruemungus

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    Hi everyone ive been lurking on the site for about 2 weeks. I ordered a huffy cranbrook and a happy time motor last week. After three days of fustration ( coaster brake and alignment issues) shes running nice. I switched out the coaster brake for a freewheel setup, replaced the cheap pedals on the cranbrook and added odessy side pull brakes. My wife will be making the 8 mile journey to work on her tommorow. Needless to say im a bit nervous for her.....

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hey downeast, welcome to MBc.
    Good move on letting the wimmen folk do the test run. :devilish: just kidding, I bet she'll be fine, 'course the good thing with an MB is you can always pedal it.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    welcome to mbc.

    Yes, I guess I'd worry a bit if it were my wife and I wasn't with her. I hope she's handy with a wrench. Not that you need to be a master mechanic to make these work. It's pretty simple stuff. But they do need tinkering fairly often.

    Good luck
  4. Hawk

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    My wife won't go near mine!!
    BTW you should search for the threads on Huffy Cranbrook deadly fenders and make modifications in advance to avoid vibraton failure.
  5. BAM

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    good to here thers another huffy out there be carefull :ack2: gone down hard on mine twice rear finder broke right away front one hung on a little longer but i do have 600miles on her and still running strong coaster brake will hurt you dont mean to be a downer just what happend to me 30mph 44th no wind motor screaming:tt1:
  6. gruemungus

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    I stripped the fender's before the first test ride, i couldnt get the coaster brake to clear the bolts and it cracked when i tried to bend it, so i switched the stock huffy wheel for a new wheel with a freewheel and added hand brakes. My wife put 16 miles on her today and all went well, tommorrow im gonna upgrade the bolts. I have become pretty popular around here, lot's of thumb's up from the local's. Overall im very pleased with the whole experience which is largley due to the great info shared by the folk's here.
  7. chrisme

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    Hey. Where in Maine are you?
    I'm in the Damariscotta area.
  8. gruemungus

    gruemungus New Member

    Im in lewiston.
  9. Molotov256

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    Grew up around Portland, did school in Bangor. You'll have a great time on your MB about 3 months a year, lol...
  10. chrisme

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    I'm about an hour, maybe a bit more from there. But I'm actually in the Lewiston/Auburn area every now and again for Subaru related events.... Maybe we could meet up for a ride sometime.
  11. gruemungus

    gruemungus New Member

    That would be fun, the cranbrook is actually my wifes ride but im gonna start another build shortly. I have to out do her's lol, im researching frames, wheel's and such atm. It will be a few week's before it's complete, i'll keep ya posted.