Hello from Mairead in western Massachusetts USA

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    My only bikes at present are my summer and winter push-bikes, so I'm somewhat of a fraud here.

    However, I want to build something to replace my too-expensive-to-own Honda Civic for trips over to Boston, which is probably 130 or more miles away along the winding old Post Road (it's about 110 by the more direct Mass Pike).

    My goal, currently, is to build a cross between a tadpole trike and a species of "cyclekart" driven by a sub-50cc 4stroke such as the Robin. A tadpole trike like Alaska Van's only with a smaller engine and a fancy skin over it, in other words. If I'm successful, it'll resemble a 3/4-size Morgan Super Sports Barrelback.

    I'm in the very earliest planning stages, though, and will have to somehow get around my lack of working space and welding skills, so I probably won't have much to say about the project until spring, if even then.

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    hi mairead; welcome. i am luck enogh to have met van and view his trike. it is a good long distance ride. he told me the lifan 70cc is too powerful and is planning to replace it with a lifan 50cc, they are readily avilable with elec. start. the bike will hold a batt. large enough to support good lights, horn and signals. mitch
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    Wjere are you from I'm up in Greenfield and have just started on my bike. there seems to be quite afew others from this area. Hope to here from you and maybe others can get to gether for some sorrt of bike group; do a ride etc. etc.---Alchick1:grin::cool:
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    Thanks for the welcome, both

    I'm down by Springfield, alchick. Greenfield seems like an awfully nice town - after moving out here from Boston I often drove up to shop at the Green Fields co-op. I only quit when I decided -with regret- that I really couldn't justify the pollution and money costs of doing it.