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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pattkadir, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. pattkadir

    pattkadir New Member

    Hi yall, its nice to be here. At the moment , i have nothing yet, soon maybe. I m really interested in building my own trike. i m sure, i will find some few good ideas here. wish me luck. Thanks

  2. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Are you from South Malaysia ???

    Y ALL:devilish:
  3. pattkadir

    pattkadir New Member

    I m from Kuala Lumpur. Damansara to be exact.
  4. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    look at the picture gallery. its great for ideas.
  5. pattkadir

    pattkadir New Member

    Thanks, in fact, i ve already gone through that and have found some few good ideas....
  6. ENO

    ENO Member

    Pattkadir...Sembah Salam from ENO (Australia)..Welcome to MBc..This is where all the help and experts are (not me though)..I call it the Global Workstation..These guys do and know everything..use SEARCH..its all there. Hope you get your bike / trike soon..send us the pics when you do. Dont forget to "Thumbnail" them first (use "Easy Thumbnails"..free download)..see you ENO (Oz)