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    Hi everybody, I've been a lurker here for several months, but I haven't gotten around to posting until just now. Lots of wisdom on this site; I've taken my bike through several different upgrades after finding additional inspiration here.

    The latest version of my ride is almost complete (still waiting on the UPS truck)!! It's an olive drab Micargi cruiser with an 80cc SkyHawk, expansion pipe, SBP shifter kit, and NuVinci hub. Still waiting for a rear freewheel (didn't come with the hub) and a rollerbrake (this cruiser was built for coaster brakes, so it doesn't have mounts for disc or rim brakes). It's been down for literally months as these parts have been backordered.

    I'll post again whenever I get these last couple of pieces and I can get the bike up and running again. I don't even care if I get frostbite, it will be so worth it. :grin5:

    (Picture taken before I installed the shift kit)

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