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    Heya! My name is DakotaLynx, and I'm a 23 year old resident of Marysville, WA.
    I have been working on powering my Nishiki frame mountain bike, and thought it might be a good idea to get an account here.

    This is almost a complete scratch-build, involving a 41cc E-ton kid's ATV engine I picked up off eBuy, some parts salvaged from a dead go-ped, and a custom sprocket from Applied Industrial.

    As of yet, it's still a bit of a work in progress. (I mounted the gas tank the other night, only to find out it leaks and I will probably have to modify a 1 gallon paint-thinner can... unless someone has a better suggestion?)
    By now it probably would have been cheaper/quicker to just buy a Golden Eagle or American Chain Drive kit, but where is the fun in that?

    I started this project as a cheap way to get to my job in Everett, after discovering that an UNpowered bicycle is a terribly slow way to cross the flatlands between my work an home.
    The ultimate goal here is to be able to avoid using my car entirely in nicer weather.

    Anyway, this post is already FAR wordier than I intended. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!

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    Hi Dakota
    welcome to the best MBc site out there
    Seattle here you will find a lot of good info and ideas on here ya just missed the best MBc rally in the world but theres always next year
  3. DakotaLynx

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    Nice to meet you, Royz. Always a pleasure to meet other inhabitants of the Seattle area!
    Too bad about missing the rally. Well, as you said, there is always next year. That gives me a while to finish putting everything together, and get all the bugs ironed out.

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  4. terrence

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    Hey Dakota, Welcome. Were glad your here. Get that baby running before winter arrives. :grin:
  5. Pablo

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    Welcome from Duvall!!!

    There are more and more of us in the area. Maybe next year you can make it down to the bike meet in Ocean Park with your creation. Awesome event.
  6. DakotaLynx

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    Terrence: I will hurry every chance I get ^^. I bought what should be the last of the parts today, including a 4"x2" performance air filter from NAPA. Now all that remains is fabrication, mounting, and repainting the frame (er... not in that order of course.)

    Pablo: Duvall! Hey! Nice place. Yeah, since I started my project. (I began initial planning in May), I've seen four other powered bikes in Everett. There is one silver mountain bike with a Happy Time engine I see going down Pacific Ave. on a fairly regular basis.
    And yes, hopefully I can make it to Ocean Park. That would be cool.
    I'm actually leaving the upper frame rail "open" so I can still put the bike on my car's hitch rack. Part of it's intended purpose is as Vanna's (my car) L.A.Sh vessel, so to speak.

    Anyhow, I gotta get going. Laptop battery is dying.

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  7. Pablo

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    You have seen more bikes around here than me!!