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    Hello all, Ive been waiting to get my Mavis Beacon typing degree to join but failed the whole class. I took Quentons suggestion and joined without the degree. I purchased a Dax Titan kit a couple of mouths ago and love it. I put it on Fuji Sundance and cant stay off it. Duane at Thatsdax.com is fantastic. I just a couple of days ago bought a 08 Whizzer NE5, I bought a box that had a whizzer in it . I also put the Titan kit on a tandem bike for a couple of weeks but wasnt comfy for passengers having no control, it went write back on Sundance but overall worked well on tandem. Just wanted to chime in.

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    Welcome to MBc! We'd like to hear more about that Titan on the tandem. We have at least one other member with a rack-mounted engine on a tandem, and he and his wife love it. Also, your '08 Whizzer, does yours have the auto-clutch or the slip clutch?
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    I heard no pics no proof. I have no pics of Pacific Duallie Tandem with Titan on it but it was about 350 pounds with my wife and I on it. The motor was great but the bike is cheap, what did I expect for 199.00 and 3.99 next day from amazon. Im not sure about auto clutch or Slip clutch is the slip clutch a manual or is there something Im missing. I took it off the bike but it looks like its pressed together and cant get to the shoes to take off the glaze I hear will speed up the break in period.
  4. Hey Ray, I'm in Boston, MA I have a Dax engine on an old Trek (I think) commuter bike. I love it and my commute to work is ten minutes with no sweat! anyways, welcome to the board.
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    Hello Sideshowsideswipe greetings from the burbs, It takes some courage to drive around Beantown. I created a Album this morning with some pics of Titan. There is a member of Motorbicycling.com forum Urbex posted pic of moped sticker on the back of Titan gas tank from Beverly. Counting dys a member here thats 4 and counting.
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    Oh, you definitely have the auto clutch if you're talking about glazed shoes. :D
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    Lost no more

    I found one photo of Tandem,fuzzy though. The chain was the same length as the Fugi but I spent a little time cutting and filing one end of a 96" throttle cable.

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    Hey and welcome from MBc..good luck and do keep us posted on your build we like reviews...enjoy the ride and happy motoring