Hello from Mass.

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    This is Adam from MA.
    I just got my new build fired up last week.
    It's a 29" ,Onyx, wallmart deal 99$.
    HT 77-80 from bike berry.Seems to be OK I guess.Havent had much time to tinker much.
    Mostly stock parts except piratecycle sprocket adapt/44 tooth.New NKG plug & cap.Briggs& stratton fuel filter,replaced intake gasket & sanded manifold smooth,also put a rubber O-ring(#11?)I think,in the throte of the carb.good seal,so far.I replaced some of the studs,but not all yet..I just wanted to to get it started before the snow hits..I have some more plans for it in the near future.I have no pics yet but they will come soon..
    This is a great site I thought I'd regester and shair my stuff and learn about yours..

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will have a few nice days to enjoy the motor bike before the weather forces you back in doors.
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    You'll know you're really hooked when you move much further south so you can ride your bike more.

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    Yeah, I hear ya.
    Actually I grew up in Arizona,other extreme,been here in the east about 20 yrs.not all that bad.great fishing spots,planning on combining a couple hobbies together,need to mount some rod holders on my bike.

    SANDSA Member

    Thx ,Bender,
    Actualy I.ve been side tracked with our kitchen renovation and busy work sched.No hurry,at least I know it fires up easy.
    I've had to do some mods just to run.Chain issue ,I tryed the dremel trick inside clutch cover ,no luck,chain kept binding up..I ended up buying a chain from tractor supply..14# I think..works great.still some cutting need to be done..I've got full fenders for the chain to rub & clang around on..Also I'm making kustom fueltank rear mount on seat post w/rack..
    I have pleanty of time to mess with all that ..