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    I've got an old Peugeot (27in wheels) that's been sitting in the basement since I got my new Schwinn, so the other day I decided it'd be fun to slap an engine on that puppy! The next day I picked up a 39cc chainsaw for free from Craigslist.
    Turns out the saw runs great, so I cleaned it up, chopped off some unnecessary bits and started thinking about how I was going to mount it. I'm going with chain drive from inside the frame, using the bottom bracket as a jack-shaft.

    So far I've made a mounting bracket on the bike and run the kill switch and throttle connector up to the handle bars. Neither are connected to the engine yet, because I didn't want to mount it until I got the sprocket onto the clutch.

    I tried removing the clutch to mount a drive sprocket over the existing drive gear, but the "nut" stripped and I can't get it off. So somehow I've got to mount the gear from the outside. Right now the plan is to find a scrap bike and salvage the drivetrain. 13t on engine to 52t on jackshaft, 13t again to 52 on drivewheel. Comes out to only 16:1, so I need to keep the pedals to get up to speed. I wanted to keep them anyway, but I got iffy about the idea when I couldn't figure out a way to stop them turning when the engine is running.

    That's the status so far. I'm looking for a scrap bike to tear spare pieces off. The goal is to put it all together without spending anything. We'll see how that works out.
    I'm a little disappointed in the gear ratio I can get using only the drivetrains from two bikes (creating Another jackshaft to step it up seems like going too far), and I'm not sure exactly How I'm going to mount the gears yet, but that hurdle will come in its own time I guess.

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    A lot of people use those motors for friction drives. Simple and worh pretty well.
    Be sure to post some progress photos.
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    Well, I went out cruising on my bike this afternoon looking for a scrap bike for parts.
    I couldn't find one like what I was looking for, but I did manage to scavenge a 20in abandoned junker.
    Obviously, it was useless to me for its drivetrain, so I had to change my plans.
    I've cut it up and pieced it together in a way that seemed to fit, and now I've got a push trailer.
    I'm going to mount the engine friction drive fashion on the trailer, hopefully tomorrow.
    Luckily everything I did yesterday to the bike is still good to go the way it is.

    The one problem is I'm not sure how I'm going to mount the drive roller to the clutch...
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    Okay, friction drive didn't work out.
    Couldn't attach a roller to the clutch, and setting it directly on the tire just cut it up.

    Attempt #3: Belt Drive!