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  1. Jamie

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    I have installed a 48cc motor from zbox Australia and have just about clocked up 500kms. It is on my old cheepie mountain bike and with a few modifications and is going well. I decided to get it on the road when I changed from a city job to one in subberbia and thought it would be fun. So in the winter and rain and cold evenings here I am. I travel 8.4 km on shared bike path and 1.1km on back streets, each way, half the time at night.
    As I am only a bit mechanical minded I have found the tips on this forum very helpful and have solved the few problems that didn't seem quite right.
    So if you hear the buzzing hum that we have grown to love in the eastern subberbs of Melbourne it could be me. If I don't stop to say hello I am probably running late for work.

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    Welcome to MBc Jamie.

    Warmer weather is coming. Happy HT riding time.
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    welcome to MBc. good luck and happy motoring
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    Hi Mate,
    I'm planning to use my MB to work as well but not on winter :lol:

    Good on Ya
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    Ah, spring is popping down under.....and here nights are getting chilly.

    Have a good summer, I gotta go stack some wood.:grin:
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    The cold and wet isnt that bad. I wear a t-shirt, then my busines shirt, then a hoodie, then orange refelctive jacket. With suit pants covered by blizzard plastic pants. I knew I would get wet but not to wet. As it turns out in the first heavy rain I got a flat tyre half way to work and had to push it the rest of the way. I got realy wet then. The coldest was one morning at 5.30am amd lucky me at -1.4 celcious. Normally at night (11pm) it is between 3 and 9 degrees.
    I am finding that the relxing ride is more than worth it. In all I think I have been lucky but can't wait for it to get walmer.