Hello from Michigan!

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  1. Lugisland

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    Hello all,
    my name is Tom and I am from Algonac, MI.
    My screen name "Lug Island" stands for the name of our island located in the St. Clair Flats (Harsens Island, MI)
    I am also a member of ratrodbikes.com, and I restore and customize old bikes.
    I'm excited to participate in this forum, and I just ordered my first motor!
    I have an old twin top tube Hawthorne that I will be building, and I look forward
    to everyone's advice on the build.

    Regards, Tom

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello Tom from a (former) Michigander,

    we're glad you joined up. You'll have fun
  3. jaguar

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    These engines have a long way to go to reach their true potential. Have fun working your way there!
  4. Lugisland

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    Thanks guys! Great link Jaguar!