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    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce ourselves - my name is Unyime and my friend Jonathan had the pleasure of discovering these cycles after meeting some new friends at Phantom Bikes a while back, who were kind enough to let us ride around Los Angeles at midnight for a series we've begun on our lifestyle website. The exploration series is titled "Midnight Riders".


    Ever since riding both their 70's inspired Bobber as well as the Custom Racer cycles, we have taken a huge liking to the concept. Having been around engines and cars, I have a huge passion for the workings of automobiles. Though there is something to these types of cycles that is very intriguing. I think it's the simplicity, but also customization - more so than you would have from a regular fixed-gear or 10-speed. We hope to share some great stories and meet some new people here with the same interest. Thanks for having us!

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