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    I am thinking of adding a 4 cycle motor to my Schwinn. I pedal around every day but I would like to attempt a tour America trip, camping along the way pulling a carriage to hold the camp gear. I am 64 and in fair shape. I would rather do this with a group, but finding active people my age is tough. I am thinking of doing this trip March to October 2009. I do not have a clue if it is even possible. So I am on forums seeking suggestions. If you have a good motor suggestion, or how to get others involved please let me know.


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    hey Nevyn
    welcome to the site
    I'm sure you will be able to find some answers around here
    folks seem to be real nice and friendly
    good luck on your search for a motor for your trip, it sounds like a lot of fun
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    hi nev; a trip like that will require quality. i suggerst gebe 4stroke or staton 4stroke. if you go to either site and find out what you can. you will be on your way. mitch
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