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    I have been wanting to build a motorized bicycle for quite some time.* Started out wanting to use an extra ryobi weedeater 32 cc that I have.* Then I started researching kits and been seeing some really good deals.* The best deal price wise that I have found is www.zone8cycling.com* He said that he could sell me the 80cc 2 stroke kit for 145 if I would buy 2.* With shipping that comes to 305 for 2 complete kits.* To look at it looks to be identical to some of the other kits out there.* Does anyone have any information on these kits and some recommendations I would like to have a kit that will last for a long time once I install it.* Thanks

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    Welcome Craft63961, I to got interested because I had an extra 32cc motor sitting around but ended up going with a happy time "80cc" 2 stroke. I'm only 40 miles into my break in, it runs great but has alot of vibrations. I have an aluminum mtb , they say a steel frame absorbs vibrations better.
    I also had to fabricate motor mounts d/t the large frame tubes, this took time and alot of Warsteiner
    So if you want to go with a frame mount and haven't got a bike yet I would get a steel framed bike with small tubes, the build should be very staight foward.

    Where are from in Mo. I live in KC and was wondering if any other local riders wanted to get together
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    Southeast missouri

    I live close to the bootheel Missouri. Poplar Bluff to be exact. I have not seen 1 person on a motorized bicycle. Maybe I will be the first I have told people my intention and their eyes light up. I think they are as excited as I am about this project. As far a the bicycle I am using it is a 25 year old usa made huffy fairly large and heavy that my dad has donated. It is the old classic looking bike with the big seat fenders and big spring seat. Should be a confortable ride I believe. What company did you by your 80cc motor from.
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    I got mine off ebay from powerking. The kit was well packaged and had all the new parts like double pull brakes(I didn't use them) , locking clutch. The instructions were kind of vague, but this site answers any questions I had. The motor runs good, I haven't had any issues with it in the 60 miles I've put on it so far.

    Have they opened up Johnson shutins since the **** broke a few years ago, that was a great place to camp, we were there the summer the **** broke. I love floating the Current river as well , I think over the years I've floated from montaulk to Van buren and all of Jacks fork, what beautiful country that is down there,I wish it was closer than 6-7 hrs.

    Good luck on your build, keep us updated

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    If you havn't bought yours yet I'ld check out Bluecollarbikes or Thatsdax they're in the vendors section and have good prices. I got a few little things from Thatsdax and was pleased with their service