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    I have recently inherited a 1937 Simplex Servi-Cycle. I'm looking to restore it. I have seen a lot of people mention the servi-cycle.com website, but I cant get it to work. I have also seen people mention a person named "Wayne Mahaffey". I'm looking for his number or for anyone that can give me info on the bike. Again its a 1937 Simplex. When my father bought it 20 years ago it ran and he placed it in his shed and it has sat their ever since. He passed away so I'm looking to restore it. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Lester, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Gas goes bad as it sits. Clean carb. Does it have a spark? If it fires with a shot of starter fluid- it is probably the carb.
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    I have not started to do anything on it. I plan to redo-it. Just looking to gather info before I start it. I want to have as much info as I can, before I take it apart and break or ruin something. I like to know what resources I have before I get into something I cant fix.

    Thanks for any info or help.
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    hey lester what parts of mo are you in im in sikeston holler at me
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    Lester, just bought a couple myself (Simplex's) but they need a lot. Wayne Mahaffey is in Alabama at 256 353 5552. From what i here he has everything you will need plus a lot of knowledge. Gary L Wollard in Florida wrote a book on Simplex's and you may be able to get a copy at 813 795 1153. Norm Burton of St Petersburg Fl. has some parts. Google Bill Erickson's simplex and you will find more info. This is all info i have found on the internet by going to google so do get mad if you hit a wall. Let me know if you want to sell yours or give me a call just to say hi. Ron 574 654 3698 Indiana...best of luck
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    Hi Lester. Good luck on your bike. Wayne Mahaffey is definately a good person to get to know. Heck of a nice guy and he will have much of what you need. Gary just finished a new book about Simplex. Dunno if the latest is from the printers yet. Bill is always helpful. He just bought a new (old) 3 wheeler and will be starting that shortly. If you would like to meet some others who are working on various Simplex bikes the site is http://www.simplexservi-cycle.com You have gotten some good advice regarding your motor. Don't be quick to tear it down. I am in the process of putting a Simplex Service Manual online and much of the info will work on all motors. It will be free to any who want it. In the meantime, if you decide to sell the bike I buy also.
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    Bob, not sure if im doing this right. New to this stuff. Could you let me know when you post the service manual online and how i will go about finding it. Ron Spriggs, send me a PM for contact info.
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    I will be glad to Ron. Most of it will be here http://www.simplexservi-cycle.com I'm only a quarter of the way thru the book so far. It is a rather large book. I hope to have it finished by the end of this week or the first of next.
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    1937 Simple

    Here is a couple of pics of the Bike just got it home

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