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    Hello everyone. My name is Jordan. I frequent the other forum, but thought I would join over here to further my knowledge of these bikes and to help others in need as well. I currently own a 66cc gt5 engine on a huffy cranbrook. It's a work that is about to be finalized as I am just in the tuning process now. I have tons of pictures that I will probably post in a build thread over here sometime, but I don't think here is the place for that. The bike was basically built from the ground up as it has a mountain bike suspension fork with disc brakes on it and the engine was disassembled and reassembled due to a striped stud. Also have a bit of twists and tricks on the motor itself as well, but for now here is my most recent pictures of the bike.
    Hope to learn a little bit and spread the knowledge! Thanks!

  2. looks good bro, what you have on there for a head
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    It's a 6cc Fred head with a decked jug and thin head gasket. Some good cooling area on that head!
  4. i would say so, looks like a nice build
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    Thanks, a lot of time went into it.