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    Hello everyone! New to the motored bike scene. Someone in my city is selling them and I plan on picking one up soon. I have a bit of background in old mopeds and cafe racers, so I have the concept of mechanics down, but I plan on doing all my own work to this bad boy, so it will be a learning experience for me and everyone. If there are any important questions I should ask the builder and things I should check over it would be nice to know.

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    Welcome to MB haven.

    I'm always leery of a bikes with more zip ties than nuts and bolt. Use your best judgement and take it for a ride. Never buy a bike that "only" needs a spark plug, or the carb cleaned out Until your comfortable with the mechanics. Then you can barter on the price, fix it in their driveway and ride it home. Those oh sh!t looks are priceless.
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    Well I found out its a bunch of just graduated high school kids who have a school funded business plan that's backed by an international, so Thursday im gonna go check out their garage operation and see what I'm dealing with lol.