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    Hello -- I'm from Modesto, California. Riding my Electra Townie mostly, sometimes my ancient Mongoose Switchback (17 years old, and still a good ride), to work and running errands/shopping ...

    I'm reseraching on what is the best option to motorize my Electra Townie ... and could use some (lots of!) advice ....

    -- vja4Him

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    Welcome to MBc. What do you want to do with the bike? Commute? Trail ride? Cruise for chicks? What are your mechanical skills and background? Those things make a big difference in what you might want to build.
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    Hello vja4Him welcome to the group. Diddo on what Alaskavan said. What's your intentions.
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    Hello Alaskavan -- I have very little mechanical skills, but our neighbor/friend who lives next door is a mechanic and a jack-of-all trades ... She even does engine repair on cars! She is committed to helping me install a motor on my Electra Townie.

    I have decided to convert my Townie into an electric bike. My bicycle(s) are my main transportation. Van needs seriouis engine repair. Might tackle that next year ... Not sure.

    If I can get a high quality electric motor for my Townie, that will get me around, commuting to work, running errands ... I may quit driving!

    I work different job assignments everyday, and have to turn down assignments all the time, because the bus service here is very limited and doesn't go to many schools ....

    I would like to be able to pedal my bicycle with the original gears (21-speed) at least 200 miles a month, and use the electric motor probably about another 200 miles a month.

    I need to be able to commute 12-15 miles each way, which would allow me to accept many exta job assignments. Also, I need something that will pull the weight (I weigh about 210 ... my backpack is another 10-15 pounds, and groceries will add another 15 pounds, somtimes a bit more).

    If I can license my bicycle as a moped, I'd like to be able to ride as fast as 40-45 mph (only for short distances), so that way I could travel on the country roads where the speed limit is 45-55 mph.

    I will be needing the extra speed on my bicycle probably two to three days a week, and for shopping (three miles one way). But I still plan on pedaling as much as possible ....
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    There's people around here that know a lot more about electrics than me, but I would guess that 30 miles between charges and a top speed of 40 - 45 mph will require top of the line equipment. Note: A dismount from a bike at 45mph might result in some injuries.
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    Hello and Welcome from the hill behind you :grin: In Sonora
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    600W Thunderbolt Electric Motor ...

    Howdy neighbor ... !!! I just watched a video of someone riding their bicycle with the 600W Thunderbolt electric motor ... !!! Man that looks awesome!!!

    Has anyone else rode a bicycle with a motor like the 600W Thunderbolt? I think I could be very happy with something like that ..... And the price is about right.