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    Hello all, I am new to the MB world, but am learning very fast.
    My husband built us two bikes last year using the 70cc Happy time motors
    and Schwinn Cruiser bikes. We have enjoyed them, that is till last week when I was riding mine up the street to go see him at work and my engine came off my bike! NOT GOOD! After spending Wednesday staring at the bike and engine in my driveway, I put it up, and my husband said we would work on it on Sunday...yeah right! I wanted to go fishing Sunday...so Thursday I got to work on the bike and not knowing anything...and I mean not so much as what the heck I was doing....I got the bike in the garage while he was at work and started putting it back together.
    Needless to say one of my front bolts on the motor mount was broke off and half was still in the motor....I was not about to take it to a shop and have it drilled out...nope....I made a whole new mount for it...with two bolts in the frame instead of one...but after looking at it the next day...the muffler would not fit, so I cut the muffler in half at the top and put in a pipe, and used muffler tape to hold it on, it is the kind that when it heats up it will melt together into one solid piece....then put metal tape on top of that will hold up to 600 degrees of heat. I then took a clamp to the muffler to hold it tight to the frame.
    Now the big test was watching my husbands face when he learned all that I had done to the bike, and even more so to see his eyes bug out when he found out I cut the muffler....but I waited for him to get home from work on Friday before I tried the first ride on it again....got it in the driveway, started up like there was no tomorrow, and has a heck of a lot more power than before!
    My husband took it out and he was amazed, he asked how I knew how to fix it, I told him about reading this site...showed it to him, and I went from there to fix my bike. So needless to say I will be working on his this week as he has a problem with his throttle....not good, but I will get it done!
    I did learn one thing this week...I will never let my husband work on my again!
    He agrees!:grin:

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    Hi there; It's great to see that you are learning how everything works on a motored bike :) Really, all we need is good info on how it works and how it's put together, and the right person to teach it! HT motors aren't at all bad, really. They just need an owner who's knowledgeable about 2-strokes and how they're put together an how they work. In that way, you know their limits and their strengths. There was an Italian racecar driver (forgot his name)...he didn't always have the fastest car, but he knew how to get the most out of his engine, and the limits of it. He won a lot of races simply because he knew how not to drive it into the ground.
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    Welcome to MBc.