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    Hello my name isn't important but call me city rat. I'm entirely green to the concept of motorized bikes and lacking in mechanical skills, but good at following instructions and doing research. I don't have an MB of my own yet as I have been trolling your forums among others looking for noteworthy setups.

    I'm looking into building a motorized cruiser although I am adamantly searching for a frame that is longer, compared to height, than the traditional model (like spookytooth's venus) due to style preferences. I'm leaning towards a 4 stroke engine because of obvious advantages, however if somebody could point me to a 2 stroke that doesn't have to cool down every thirty miles (the only deal breaker) then I'd be willing to reconsider the prospect.

    I was also wondering if its possible to implement multiple speeds on a motorized cruiser as that would come in handy for navigating to hill tops and valleys of Nashville.

    Also my budget is roughly 300$ >.< which I know isn't enough for an excellent setup, but I hope it might get me and average or at least manageable setup or at least the motor until I can get my desired frame. Then I hope to eventually work my way up to a valid rat rod.

    Looking forward to getting started and the experiences I will have as well as the experience I will gain.

    city rat

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    Hi CR, welcome to Motoredbikes! I don't know where you got the idea 2 strokes have to cool down after a short time. A topic on one of the recent posts brought that up and if you read the post, you will see the idea is wrong.

    Yes, multi speed is doable but would bring cost past your limit.
    Do a lot more reading here and you will have a better handle on what you can do.
    My 2 cents -whatever bike you get - have TWO brakes on it.
    If you get a cruiser with V brakes and a derailer, you can gear down your pedal side and assist the engine by pedaling up the hills.
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    Duely noted. I found the 2-stroke cool down thread like an hour after I posted here.

    I would like to ask for recomendations on a 4 stroke kit chain drive frame mount that has a good balance of speed (at least 35mph so I dont get run down by cagers) and power (for the d*** hills). I'll be using this MB regularly on roads for transportation. Also must be less than 300$

    Also I could use some advice as to which engine type would be best suited to a beginner like myself, I understand 2-strokes require more maintenance and break down more frequently, but also that 4 strokes while being more reliable are more complicated to build and maintain. advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi cityrat362.I LIVE IN Music City TO.I have a 2/cycle bike with a jackshaft kit.I like
    it and it is very fast.I have had no problem with it.

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