Hello from N. Texas

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    Hello all,
    New to this forum. Am riding a 2003 Solex motorized bicycle, and want to build something that's more practical for getting around this area. Gas or electric, doesn't matter at this point. I'm always interested is hearing from others in Texas and reading about their stories regarding motorized bicycling in this state.


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    Hey north Texas

    Fort Worth here...
    I ride a Schwinn Point Beach with a GEBE set up with the Tanaka 32cc engine.
    Where are you at in texes ???

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    I'm in N. Richland Hills, about 10 miles from the start of s. side Ft. Worth. Just moved here a few months ago from the s. side where I lived for 32 years. Rode several types of powered bicycles over the years, most home made. Only thing I haven't riden is a bike with one of the small 4 stroke engines, so that may be my next adventure.
    Kinda like the GEBE system you have. Have read plenty of stories on how durable the belt and hub are. Also, they sell quality engines...made for the long haul.