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    Greetings all~

    I've been lurking around the forums for quite a while and luckily have been able to find all the info I need without having to actually ask anything~ so a big congrats and thanks to all of you.

    My background:

    It all started when I won a Pacific beach cruiser at a fundraiser at a local bar. Slightly sketchy as the fundraiser was for a group I was working with called the BBI (Boone Bike Initiative). We are a semi-bike-shop whose purpose started with an EPA grant to get more people in our area on bikes. For a $50 deposit you get a bike, a helmet, and a lock. The $50 is returned when you return all 3. General maintenance is done by our shop for free. We have about 60 bikes out on the streets this way now so things are going great.

    I won the bike after about 10 names had been called before me.... so I can feel like it was all luck :whistling:


    I had a friend that had a 80cc ebay special on his bike and I felt that boyhood dream come to reality... (you know, the strapping engines to things dream). Here in the mountains there are not many uses for a single speed beach cruiser... so risking life and limb I purchased a kit and a long night later was motoring around like a scalded dog.

    Then others came.


    My build list now includes:

    The original 80cc pacific beach cruiser.
    750w 36v unite raleigh mtn bike
    80cc huffy mtn bike
    600w 36v front hub raleigh mtn bike
    450w 36v front freewheel gear-down special eurosport
    80cc board track pacific beach cruiser (now with more than coaster brakes!)


    Most of my background is in cars and houses.... I work as an outreach and education coordinator for renewable energy like solar and wind.... and also as a green building verifier/inspector for energy star, LEED, NAHB Green etc.

    These bikes are a fun and slightly overwhelming hobby~ the other bike shop guys like to laugh a bit at me for enjoying putting motors on everything... but hey... somebody has to do it right?


    I have a bunch of wild videos of electric bikes in the snow, gangs of 80cc 2strokers roaming the streets, tall bikes, wobble bikes, choppers and all sorts of odd and interesting things I will be posting up in the next few days.

    However, in the end I have been won over to the electric side and will be looking to sell a lot of the gas stuff for a good price... so if anyone is interested in some slightly used but sweet bike parts, green homes, turbo bmws, v-8s, or some bearing destroyed worn happy time engines just let me know :jester:

    Ride on!



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    Very good intro post!

    In fact, I don't need to offer you advice or encouragement. You're more accomplished in this than I am. You're one of us. We just didn't know it 'til now.