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    Hello Everybody, I found this website by accident. My son and I was looking on ebay for those mini choppers and saw one of these motorized bikes and it reminded me of the old whizzers.(kinda). Any way we had a beach cruiser that we rode around town once in a while. This seemed like the ticket to have some fun. So we bought one of BGFs kits with the dual start and centrifigal clutch and installed this yesterday. Went together good, and runs great. I am a autobody tech and mechanic by trade so I changed some of the mountings a little. We are already planing to build another one out of a Schwinn stingray or something along those lines. I have ridden motorcycles since I was a kid, but this is so different. I read tons of this forum, its hard to stop.

    Keep up the great work and info. This so cool!

  2. Welcome Johnnie!

    It can get quite addicting, these little motorized bikes. Keep it fun and enjoy your time with your son.

    I lived in PA (Bloomsburg) for quite a few years. Sometimes, I wish I were still up there. Whereabouts in Pa are you?
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    Hey thanks, That was fast. I am right at the point where NY.NJ.PA come together. Only 1 red light in this town. And yes I can see this being addicting.
  4. Very cool. We typically go up to Pa for our vacations and I've been wondering if I should bring my motorized bike up there this year or not. Where we lived, it was pretty much out in the country so there should be no issues but, I'll be sure to be checking the laws alot closer before I get up there.

    BTW: let's see some pictures of the new build! Here's mine!

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  6. Very cool Johnnie!

    So how many miles have you got on it by now? Has the weather cooperated with riding? Just wait till summer, you'll really enjoy it! I like the orange!

  7. Johnniethefinger

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    Having a cold starting problem, other than that about 5 miles so far. Weather is around 20s. Have to order a wide crank kit yet, do you know of any good ones?
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have about 20 Whizzers in my collection.

    Have fun,
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    More PA riders!!

    good to see some more ppl from PA. i live in allentown. bike looks good but beware of fenders
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    Why whats wrong with the fenders.
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    Fenders can get loose and jam your wheels and flip the bike ..
    going 30mph + thats not a good thing.
    if you keep them on, check them often for cracks around the bolts.
    Bike fenders just weren't designed for the abuse of a m/b
    Some folks modify them ( beef em up a little) By using epoxy around the stress areas ..
    be careful don't forget the helmet !!!!!!!