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    What's going on everyone!

    I'm new to the whole motorized bicycle scene and legit looking for a different aspect to bike riding than just the normal trails and what not.

    I've been waiting to do one of these builds and I'm thinking that now is the perfect time for that. Now I've been doing some research on the laws in my state on these and I'm not sure if anyone on here is from NH but was wondering if a valid driver's license is required in order to ride one of these?

    Also, I recently picked up a new mountain bike and was planning on using my old one to begin a build! Now I'm not too sure if this bike would be a proper bike to use for this project but I did set the said bike as my main pic.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated so I can begin this journey of what I think maybe frustrating but yet rewarding!

    Peace, luv, and chicken grease


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    That bike doesn't have a huge amount of space inside the frame so I think you will have to do some careful measuring, or get the motor anyway and swap the bike or frame if you have to.
    That bike would definitely make a sick electric go-everywhere-bike! With the motor in front of the cranks that frame shape would help to keep it clear of obstacles. The Sick Bike Parts electric motor and shift kit would allow it to be multi speed and throttle controlled (if your chain and derailleurs are up to the task). You can make a battery pack to snugly fit the space in the frame, with the help of the forums. Battery packs are expensive (especially if you need two so one can be left charging) and don't last forever, but I think electric is still the second best option to the two-stroke if you want to keep that frame. :)
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    no way that bike can be used. not enough space