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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andrew S, May 21, 2012.

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    My name is Andrew, I'm from Connecticut, and I'm about to put my first motored bike together. I have a Sun Atlas bike and a Skyhawk 49cc engine kit sitting in my garage right now, and I'm just taking my time before putting it together, looking at gearing options, looking at a springer front fork maybe with a drum brake/dynamo, and so forth.

    So, I'm looking forward to some good discussions with other members.

    Best regards,

    Andrew S

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    Welcome to MBc, Andrew. Now that you have introduced yourself, be sure to read all you can, including the 'Stickies' at the top of every Forum. They contain a lot of information. For example, 'Sticky' by Al.Fisherman has 20 or so links to "How To." threads, and important pages for you to follow. 'Sticky' by Anton "Forum Rules and Infractions" is a must read about how you are expected to Conduct yourself. However, read all of them, and be sure to use the search feature. Almost every question you might have has already been asked and answered someplace here. If you are still stumped with a certain problem, post your question in the proper Forum and I am sure you will get an answer.

    All of the members who have written the stickies have been around quite a while and know what they are talking about. Please be sure to read them first...I can tell that you are starting out with the right attitude, so I would lay out all of the parts to the kit, and check them against the manifest (list of what should be there.) If you are satisfied that you aren't missing anything that should be there. Take the bag of nuts and bolts to your local hardware store and replace them all with new grade 8 ones, and get all new 'nylock' nuts (it's cheap insurance for a couple of bucks.) If you are going to be near saltwater, replace them all with stainless steel. Now, begin your assembly. Remember that this is going to be the basic platform for all that comes after it. Take your time and don't forget to 'measure twice and cut once.' <grin> Now you are on your way...be careful, do everything according to the book, follow the suggestions above, and...Good Luck to you.

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    Welcome to the forum. I think the springer fork will be a nice addition. Not only does the springer fork soak up bumps, but it also stretches the wheelbase a little bit.