Hello From New Orleans(broken motor mounts)

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    Hello my name is Brian and I live in New Orleans Louisiana.
    I currently have a Fuji Boulevard that I saved from a bike building shop or 40$.
    Nothing really worked when I started building,now verythin works but the derailer and I have have it set to the 3rd gear in the back and just change the 3 gears in the front.I just purchased te 68.5 cc jet motor and istalled it on my bike and instead of drilling holes in the frame I cut thefront motor mounts off.It was working fine till I snapped the back right side bolt and the chain came off.I did have a block of wood wedged in between the front motor mount an the fame and had the chain and chain tensioner pretty tight.
    The front pole was 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch diameter.So iam back at square one and I am going to call zoom bicycles tommorrow andsee if they can help,with a new motor rods because the other bent also.
    If that doesn't work I will drill the bolts out with a slightly smaller drill bit,
    and get a re threading bit and and redo each side a bit larger and not to deep.Then,I will put slightly larger very very strong bolts in since I am not using the front motor mount.I hope ths is good plan

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    Does the Fuji bike have diamond shaped tubes? Do you have any photos? There are lots of creative people on here, but I can't picture what you are doing.

    See my profile pics (bike pics) for a common way to do a bolt-through-frame engine mount.

    A few guys here have also mounted the front motor area to a metal plate and used u-bolts to hold the plate to the frame.
  3. nolabikeguy

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    well the back motor mount rod on the right side(the side you pedal on)
    broke on my first start of the engine and I made sure there was not binding or anything
    and it broke off right flush with the engine and I tourqued the bolts to whatever the bok said I dont rememberI did everything to the T and within 8 blocks snap.
    Now iam trying to drill the bit out and get the bolt out with a screw extracter.
    Iam paying 10 dollars to use someones drill press in kenner AND HOPEFULLY I CAN GET IT OUT
  4. You have to use both the front and the rear mounts, cause using only one mount isnt good enough and will break.
  5. nolabikeguy

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    the back right one did break,so I just drilled new hole and re thread it in the rear
    but my tubing is 2 inch i think,so iam goig to order the motor mount from sickbikes
    and the 8.8 grade alloy 4 bolt set.and hopefully it works then.
    thanksfo all the help.
    I wish I would hve lookd for this forum before cutting the frontmoo mount off.
    would have saved money and all anticapaction from the nearly 25 pople that wanna see it run