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    I came across this site after looking into HT engine kits before ordering my King's 66cc, this website is an amazing source of information.

    Here are two pictures of my Trek [it needs a nickname]. After this picture was taken, I upgraded the front brake to a v brake with racing bmx pads. The cantilevers were not cutting it for the front, but they're fine for scrubbing some speed with the rear brakes.

    I only have about 20 miles on it so far, but its been a blast. I've since changed the stock idler to a skateboard wheel, which is working pretty nicely. After reading about the stock killswitch, I am adding the blue wire killswitch soon. Radioshack had a cool go-kart switch that will work nicely. Two killswitches won't hurt anything :D

    Also those cranks have to go. My road cranks that I had installed did not clear the engine with the stock spindle, once I get around to putting a longer spindle I can save a few pounds. Not that it will make much of a difference :ack2:

    Hope you like it!



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    I do, very much!
    Hi and welcome to MBc. You did a nice job there, looks well put together.
    Really like the racks, I'm a fan of cargo bikes.
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    Welcome to the forum. The fenders and racks are very useful additions and look great.

    Gather the cables and wires coming from the handlebars together with zip ties or something so that the bushes can't yank them off as easy. I think it's mainly the wire going to your kill switch that looks vulnerable. Cheers
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    Thanks, and yeah I cleaned that area up a good bit with zip ties. Compared to the cruiser bars most people have, mountain bars clutter the wires up a bit more. Oh well, everything moves freely and that's the important part.