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    Hi my name is Mike, I'm from Brooklyn, NY and I am here to learn about different things I can do to my mountain. I have a Mongoose Pro Comp, I don't have any pictures right now, but it's similar to the Mongoose Pro Wing only exception is that the Comp doesn't come with disc brakes. I wanted to get an 80cc motor but since I have to mount it in the rear, what would be the recommended brackets for that type of setup. What number of tooth gears will help maintain a high enough speed without any lag?

    I was fascinated about motorized bikes for years but never knew where to start, I've been into car modding but never into bike modding. So I want to get informed and learn something new. Seeing that I live in the city many people here have the motor scooters or a motor skateboard. I saw a person with a motorized Schwin in the Bronx the other day, and I was impressed by it that I wanted to have that setup. So here I am. Anyway I hope to learn a lot as I am here, you are here to help me, and maybe I can help you.

    Thanks. :D

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    Hi k-Ryder, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Hi K-Ryder welcome to the forum there are lots of things you can learn here. I sent you an e-mail today.
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    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am currently looking through all the old threads to find the answers. Thank you once again, and fm2200 thank you for the pm.
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    hey im from brooklyn too!!