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    This is my first post on any forum. I just got a happy time type, 66 cc kit from power king. Ordered it the 14th, received on the 22nd, all put together and out for a test ride on the 24th, Today. It ran great! It's mounted to a huffy mountain bike.
    This is my first gas powered bike. I have had a "Wilderness Energy", brushed, electric hub motor on a full suspension "Next" (Cheap Wal-Mart bike) for a little over a year. It's powered by a 48v, 9Ah liFePO4 pack I put together with a123 cells taken from 36 and 28v dewalt lithium battery packs.
    After test riding "The gasser" I thought, hey, both kits will fit on the huffy at once. :idea: So I did it. It only took about 15 minutes to swap the front tire out for the tire with electric hub motor in it and put on the seat post mounted rack for the batteries on. The two work together great but it does add over 40 pounds to the overall weight of the bike. On the plus side no peddling needed to start.
    Sorry no pictures, I will try to get some and post them as soon as I can.

    And thanks to everybody here. This forum is already helped me out with troubleshooting and mounting the kit. Would have been a lot harder muddling through on my own.:cool:
    warepas out
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  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Good enough, so you're already up and running a tribrid as I call it.

    Is that upstate?
  3. Mountainman

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    welcome warepas

    that's pretty cool -- your MB having both elect and gas motors

    yes -- I also will enjoy seeing some pictures once posted

    have fun -- be safe -- as you

    ride that motor bike THING
  4. welcome warepas. i am from new york city. if you ever get a chance may be we can two on a ride.
  5. machiasmort

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    Buffalo wavin a hand! Anybody near here? NewYorks a big place!
  6. warepas

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    I live in Buffalo.

    machiasmort, how are the cops around you? Have you been harassed on your bike?
  7. rwidmann

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    How are you getting away with using motorized bike?
    It is against the law in NY.
    I know i would get stooped,going to local town,which is Brewster.
    the town is loaded with illegals.
    There is town police,state police,county police.
    I am a disabled Vietnam vet and would be low key,not doing anything crazy.
    Seems like the illegals have more rights than us legals.
  8. machiasmort

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    No serious trouble yet... Get my share of evil eyes tho! Just be ready to kill it! I hooked a few LEDs to the white wire. If and when I get stopped, I'll just say I was runnin the lights to be safe. Bike was under pedal power Sir. 1 gallon of gas lasts me all year VS batteries every 8hrs. Besides I was letting it warm up because my buddy has a private lot up here where I was going to ride it!

    Buffalo ain't bad it's the suberbs.

    Just cuz ur paranoid don't mean they ain't out to get ya!

    Put it together and ride that thing, Just be heads up and stuff your exaust w/ steel wool to deaden the noise. That with cardboard cut to exactly match the ID of your clutch cover, will quiet it right down!
  9. machiasmort

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    I PM'd you my phone number, please call! I can't get messages off of my phone it's pre paid. I look forward to hearing from you. I'd be great to have a ridding partner and I've got some good ideas. Will help you with the whole LED thing but having a battery and electric motor on your bike will defeat your arugument!

    Click on my name Machiasmort, underlined at the top of this post. You'll be taken to my page by clicking view public profile. From there, scroll down and on the right hand side you'll see pictures. You can view my gallery. This bike has been arround the city! Where have you been ridding?

    If you want to leave a message, make sure you use the private message feature on the board, also found by clicking on my name in this thread.

    I hope your not the Cop who waited outside my house for an hour and a half while I threw my bike over the back fence!

    Be safe out there Brother, I'm a seasoned rider and there's alot of idiots "cagers" driving out there!
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