Hello from New Zealand!

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    Hello all, I have just built my first bike! The donor is a mountain bike, 15 speed and about 8 years old. I found it at a yard sale for $8.00NZD (thats around $4 US). Bargain!!
    I had been looking at kits on the New Zealand version of eBay called TradeMe (www.trademe.co.nz) I also had seen a guy ride past my window at work every day for a few weeks... always on his back wheel...all the way down the road! The kit I got on Trade Me is just a Z-Box kit from Australia called something else. Had no problems with the install, but am totally hooked on tinkering with the thing. Because I work with marine engines and outboards, I have used a fuel tank from a 2hp Yamaha outboard, secured to the bike rack tucked up behind the seat. I like it a lot, but it is only 1 litre. I'll ad some photos later on. I am going to do something with the chain idler, I don't like it at all. I do like riding it and tinkering with it.
    Look forward to chatting with y'all.

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    welcome to mbc. always room for one more.

    Those chain tensioners really are bad, aren't they? Many of us just don't use them at all.
    We adjust tension by moving the axle back and forth. I get the feeling that this doesn't work for everyone, though.

    But I'm glad that I don't have to use mine.
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    welcome kiwirider

    wishing you a lot of good times had on your motor bike

    I highlighted Yamaha because I sure do like them
    wish that Yamaha would come out with a motorized bicycle motor

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    Thanks MM, I sell the outboards, the are great to use and sell, but the don't break enough as far as my workshop is concerned..
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    The HT MB business might offer better possibilities,unless cheap Chinese outboards happen come along.Are there still kiwis around in NZ?.
  6. kiwirider

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    Oh yes, still a few Kiwis around..I think a few even on this forum..
    I might park the bike in the showroom and see what happens... ha ha I think this hobby will stay at home in MY workshop...
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    This is some weird bird I found out,about the size of a large chicken.It has nostrils at the end of its flexible beak and has a good sense of smell.It lays one humongus egg, the size of 6 !! chicken eggs,about 1/4 size of the creature's body.The male helps out,he incubates it.
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    kiwis are also really tough and can fight off cats, but not large dogs unfortunately, which have all but wiped them out.