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    Hello friends,

    Thank you all for your shared knowledge on motorised bicycles. I have bought a 48cc happy-time kit to go with my bicycle, (saved from the local rubbish dump). The included instructions don't even come close to the wealth of knowledge shared on this forum.

    My kit is from motrax.co.nz. I have no idea whether it is any good yet, as I have not got my machine to the stage of start-up yet. So far as I can see, it is missing only one crankcase machine screw (which I have replaced), and a couple insignificant fasteners. I hope I didn't get the Friday engine!

    The photo below shows the project under way.

    My first tips:

    Don't align your cut rubber sprocket doo-dah with the edge of a half moon backing plate. Align the cut in the middle of the half moon backer.

    A little grinding of the pedal crank arm provides extra clearance between the arm and the engine cases.

    My wife's favourite thin bladed, serrated edge knife is great for cleaning out hardened Chinese thread lock from screws. (Keep that to yourselves please.)

    Cheers from New Zealand,

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    Welcome to MBc good luck with ur new happy time.. enjoy the ride...
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    Them some wild links!!!!!
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    Hi, From NZ too

    Hey I've seen one of those Motrax advertised on Trademe and I wondered what they are like. Wondered about that chain flying around as you go down the road? Wondered if you could get your trouser leg caught up in the works.
    I've just got a 49 cc (or is it 48CC) Victoria Moped which I'm trying to restore.
    I'm down in Canterbury area. Love to know how it goes.
  5. vonstringer

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    Hi Narroc,

    The motor is still ring-ting-tinging along well, so no complaints. I have a chain guard covering the drive side chain, hopefully that will prevent me from being dragged in!

    Good luck with your Victoria.