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  1. petrobi58

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    Hello from No Cal....looking to buy a 4 stroke assembled bike. I want to be riding ASAP.Any suggestions? Pre thanks for the help.

  2. professor

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    Hi and Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    These kits are not very difficult to do and there is help from us on the forum.
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    Hello, Petro, and welcome to the Forums at MBc. Most people who come here want to build something of their own, with their own personality...not just something 'off-the-rack.' I wouldn't buy a suit like that. But if you are looking for something of quality in a 4-stroke, I would suggest Dave Staton, at Staton-Ink.com. Dave will tailor something just right for you, probably with his own custom milled gear box and the Robin-Subaru engine. That combo is hard to beat, unless you plan on driving up Pike's Peak (altho I bet you could make it up the road if you took it easy.) He does sell a number of 'pre-mixed 3 pieces'...engine, gearbox and bike...but he would prefer to tailor one just for you.

    You might check out the Giant Stiletto with R/S, Staton milled gear box, and all chain drive for only $499.

    3310 S. Brunson St.
    OK City, OK 73119
    ***get him on the phone and talk. I don't think you will be sorry.***
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    Thanks for all the help, I have decided to buy a 'kit', what the heck! I do live in Ca., can any anyone suggest a fairly close Kit company? From my research, I have found two close, Spookytooth or Greencycles in Santa Cruz. Any other I forgot? THanks.
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    EZ Motorbikes has several Dealers in Northern Calif. Mike Simpson at Simpson Motorbikes in Sacramento is one and I think there is some one in the East Bay and maybe one down in Santa Cruz. Spookey Tooth in Ariz. has recently closed up shop.

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    Thanks......really mean that!