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    Hello from North Idaho to everyone here on Motored Bikes. I guess I should start with that I'm a machinist/supervisor in a decent sized machine shop and when the weather permits quite the out doors type of person. I love to design and build things and hoping that this arena could open some new opportunities for me.

    What I would like to build in the future is a custom off road bike from more or less the ground up. I was almost thinking of a tri-hybrid Gas/electric/pedal powered free ride/down hill bike. Most of what I want to ride is logging roads and areas that are some what technical, rough and sometimes steep. Having some extra power other than my legs would be nice. I don't want to go the route of dirtbikes due to the stigma they have around here and I just want to be different. I will post more once I get some more design specs down in my head.

    I may not be able to help out much right now on the technical areas but I can help with manufacturing processes to an extent.


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    Hi Carl, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    I just finished my first build here in CDA. Good to see N. Idaho folk here! I'll be using mine mostly for shuttling from my drift boat.