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    First, I would like to thank the creator and moderator of this site for providing me with a very informative and fun site to learn about motorized bikes and the people who enjoy building/riding them. Thanks guys/gals!

    Anywho...My name is John. I'm 35 years young, live in NYC (born here). I have been riding bicycles since childhood and have always kept a bike or two at home. I am new to the motoredbike scene. I saw, for the first time, a tricked out oldschool Schwinn Stingray (motorized) with a few months ago, in my neighborhood. I had to find out how the old fella did that to his bike. So one day I ran in to him and asked about his bike. The guy was pretty cool about talking about his bike. I think we talked for over an hour about his bike(s). Then it happened, he let me take his bike for a spin. I was hooked, instantly! LOL..Had to have one of my own.:tt1: So I set out to research what was out there, as far as frames to build up and the engines I would like to run on my new project.

    I hit up Craigslist and found a few Schwinn Stingray OCC editions for cheap. I paid $60 for a mint Stingray Stealth. Brought that bike to my neighborhood, took it out the back of the ole minivan, and stared at it with a big smile on my face. Then my friends and neighbors saw the bike and asked where I found it. Long story short, I ended up picking up 2 other OCC Stingrays, within the same week for my friends. LOL..They had to have one too. I paid $200 for 2 identical Stingrays that I found on CL. Gotta love CL!:grin5:

    My story doesnt stop there, I continued browsing around online and stumbled across a bike I had to have ASAP! The Schwinn Stingray Spoiler (OCC). I went back to CL, like a crackhead needing his crack, and searched relentlessly for a Schwinn Spoiler. Found one! $400 bucks, new in the unopened boxes! WoOt!! Had the Spoiler boxes sitting in my living room 2 days later:cool2::grin5: I ordered my 66/80cc Engine kit from Gasbike.net the next morning. Talk about breaking the bank. Heheh..oh..and not being married helps too:clap:

    I just got my engine kit delivered this morning. Can't wait to start putting the Spoiler together and mounting the engine on it. I look forward to researching the posts here and talking with you folks. Thanks again. Wish me luck!:rolleyes7:

    PS..I forgot to mention that My new buddies and I started a Motored Bicycle club. We call ourselves the Five Boro Cruisers. NYC is made up of 5 Boroughs. Thats why we chose the name. I am the President of the club. We already have 8 confirmed members. We welcome anyone from any borough of NYC and from anywhere on this planet. All are welcome to join and have fun with us. Let the good times keep rollin'.

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    Why am I picturing all your furniture stacked against the wall, with pieces of, what is it, 4? 5? 8 bikes all over the floor?

    Welcome aboard !! Break them in right, pay attention to the rear tire advise, and you'll be fine.
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    LOL..thats funny, but very true! LOL..Yes, I have several bikes at home. Most of them are high end mountain bikes, a fixie (track bike), and my new stingrays...the Spoiler is still in the original boxes it comes unassembled in. Thanks for the warm welcome and humor. :cool:
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    In the Let's Ride section, some NYC guys started a thread about getting organized.


    If you and your posse all post in that thread, you'll get something happening like the Aussies have with their massive Roll Call.

    Get the feel of the place, and if you click "Quick Links" you'll see Social Groups.

    That part of the forum hasn't taken hold yet, but the East Coasters up in Mass./RI and CT are getting pretty organized.
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    Thanks for the info Bama. It is very appreciated. I will shoot those guys a message. Maybe we all can do a gathering one day soon. That would be fun. You mentioned that I should be aware of the rear tire of my Stingrays. What exactly did you mean when you wrote that? Sorry if Im picking your brain. Im totally new to this motor bicycle realm. I want to do a good job on my bikes, the first time around. Thanks again Bama :)
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    The short version, pretty much MBconsensus, is 12 gauge wheel on the rear, with as much punctureproofing as possible- thornproof tubes, tire liner and extra layers of rim-tape.

    The rear wheel takes all the stress, and 16 gauge spokes never cut the mustard in the long run.

    Finally, zip ties (or some equivalent) at all the spoke intersections adds stability and prevents loosening/bending of the spokes, front and rear.
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    Good advice. I wont be mounting the sprocket to the wheel spokes. The Spoiler comes with F/R Disc Brakes. I will be using a different sprocket and hub adapter plate. Thanks for the info and your time. I am taking notes and doing my homework :)
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    Saw this in the NYTimes

    Might be something to rally round.

    BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATIONS Two on Sunday. On 60th Street, between Lexington and Fifth Avenues, from noon to 6 p.m., with French music, dancing, food and activities. Sponsored by the French Institute/Alliance Française; fiaf.org. In Brooklyn, from noon to 10 p.m. on Smith Street, between Pacific and Bergen Streets, Boerum Hill. Sponsored by the South Brooklyn Local Development Corporation. Free admission; food additional.20090709

    BASTILLE DAY RENDEZ-VOUS AND RALLY AROUND NEW YORK CITY Sunday at 10 a.m., a rally of more than 50 Citroë cars and Velosolex motorized bicycles, beginning at Riverside Drive and 122nd Street and ending at Fifth Avenue and 60th Street. Sponsored by the Greater New York Citroë and Velosolex Touring Club. (201) 863-7600.
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    Welcome :grin5:

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    Welcome to the forum. If I ever visit NYC, I want to tour it on a motor bike.