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    Hello all.

    Names Larry. 27 and from ohio. Im into anything with two wheels and while building up a custom beach cruiser I got a weedwacker that runs but the head is stripped so I though It would be great for a contact style bike. I have never built a motored bike or even road one. Ill probably use this motor to start my first before going overboard, lol. Im sure you will see me around alot commenting and soaking up information.

    Other places you might know me from is ratrodbikes.com where I use the same screen name.

    Future project ideas is a matching pair of motored cruisers that use a sick bikes jack shaft kit for me and my wife. I also want to build a board tracker bike but I will be hard pressed to put a 80cc and pedals on it and not just get a chinese 250 vtwin and just get a tag for it.

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    I do like the idea of bikes for you and your wife. In fact, it was the same idea that got me to build a pair of motoredbikes in the first place. Then I discovered that my wife has no concept of "gentleness" with bicycles. She managed to beat that thing up enough to make you cry in no time at all. One daughter helped her to destroy it as well. (another daughter is really quite good with these bikes. third one won't have anything to do with them.)

    Hope you have better luck with that than I did.

    (on the other hand, I've repaired my wife's bike. And now I've got two motoredbikes for myself. So I guess things didn't work out all that badly :)