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    Just signed up to this forum, I live in southwest Ohio & ride cruisers & mountain bikes & sometimes a old Schwinn stringray. I'm middle-aged & guess trying to re-live my childhood memories of riding up & down the streets of my neighborhood. I used to love racing BMX in the early 80's & loved the mountain bike rides as well. But now i'm older & more slower than then. Then a funny thing happened a few years back, after selling my Specailized MT bike . I seen this kid buzzing the streets on what seemed to be a small motorcycle. Then i seen him a second time stopped up the road out of gas, So i asked if he needed some gas ? staring (actually drooling looking at the small motor mounted perfectly) in this 24" mongoose chrome framed BMX bike. I was instantly hooked from that day. Now i build old schwinn cruisers & have a ball riding them. Hence,,,,, Crazy with Schwinns . :cool:

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    I'm also in that area. Welcome to the forums, and happy motorbiking!

    Do you have any pictures of your bikes?
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    Hi CWS, I used to race BMX in the late '70s. Im older and slower now too.....lol

    Have fun riding!

    And I second the do ya have any pics line.
  4. Crazy with Schwinns

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    Little too trigger happy doing attachments!!

    SANY0014 (1024x683).jpg 049.jpg SANY0022 (1024x683).jpg SANY0014 (1024x683).jpg SANY0060 (800x533).jpg SANY0060 (800x533).jpg 049.jpg SANY0022 (1024x683).jpg Yes, Let me try to post a few:whistling:
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    Wow! Nice herd of MB's!
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    I think it's safe to say your crazy enough to hang around with us !