Hello from Ohio



Howdy everyone!

Glad to see all the interest and information on motorized bikes.

I have owned a Golden Eagle powered recumbent since June of this year and have put on over 6K miles on it. I ride it more than drive the car now!

We are on the cutting edge of technology and our numbers will grow as gasoline will increase in price with a barrel of oil now around 86 dollars. With the falling value of the dollar and the increase in demand for gasoline and fuel, I am looking forward to saving money and having fun at the same time!
Do you think that the price of gas will be going down in 08? Me neither!

I have met many new friends on the bike and every time out I have to allow for extra time to meet and greet people who show interest in my Golden Eagle powered Sun Speedster CX.

Here are the specs....2005 Sun SPeedster CX short wheelbase recumbent with a Golden Eagle 32 CC Tanaka kit. Full fairing with 1 gallon tank and the rear wheel is a velocity 105 mm spoked 26 inch from Golden Eagle. Top speed is 38 MPH on the flats. No hill too big and mileage in the 180's. Comfortable and fun. Only problems I have had is the rear wheel spokes breaking twice until I figured out that the folks at Golden Eagle know what they are talking about. Since putting on the Velocity wheel, no more problems. I have found it is a great way to meet new friends and many women just love this thing. I have been video'd and have hundreds of pictures taken of me riding. Had several women try to pick me up while riding. This motored bike thing is a blast!