Hello from Oklahoma City !!!

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    Just registered and wanted to say "HI" to everyone ---

    Plan on gathering as much data from the forums as possible before the parts for my first build arrive

    Ordered a BGF 80cc 2 stroke and a NGK spark plug today --

    Have not decided on bike yet but leaning towards a Huffy Cranbrook as they appear to be a simple build.

    Concerns right now for me are the chain tensioner from the kit seems to be a poor design that many have issues with and custom tensioners on ebay sell for about $40 delivered ! Also the rear hub bearings are weak quality on the huffy according to many and I am wondering exactly what bearings to order to change out. 5/32 ?

    Finally the fenders need to be reinforced for safety which I am pretty confident that I can do.

    See you guys in the forums!

    Oh yeah, the catilist for me doing the build is my car will be in body shop for 2 weeks starting in 10 days and a rental car would cost about the same as a bike build so I figure I would use the rental $$ towards something I can keep -- ( only 6 miles to work on flat country roads )

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    Howdy from Texas welcome . There really helpful here for a newbie like me enjoy.