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    Hello all,

    I have been enjoying this forum for about a month now. There is a lot of good info for those who take the time to check out the forum. I am in the process of assembling three motorized bikes, a three wheel Schwinn Meridian that is completed as electric powered, a Schwinn Clairmont seven speed that is also completed with a 66 cc two stroke engine from Engines On Line using a shifter kit from SICK Bike Parts. The third build is also a Schwinn Clairmont seven speed bike that is not yet completed but will be four stroke powered from Engines On Line also using a shifter kit from SICK Bike Parts. The plan here is to get my wife and son involved with a little motorized bike riding fun. Both the three wheeler and the two stroke builds are working well. SICK bike parts has been very helpful during my builds with the little challanges that always come up when one is building something new. I highly recommend their parts and service. We already have a small group of active riders in the central valley and I hope to see this group grow. If I can figure out how, I will post pictures of my builds in the near future.

    Best wishes and good safe riding.

    Old Guy 2

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    Sounds good, have you got pics?
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    We come to the form can not wait to see the builds
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    Completed the four stroke shift kit build yesterday and it is great. All three builds are now complete and I need to figure out how to post some pictures. DSCN2302a.jpg DSCN2287a.jpg DSCN2304a.jpg