Hello from one of the world's most polluted cities!

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    Hi everybody,
    I am an American (Alabama) living in China. I live in a rural, mountainous, and beautiful area (depending on the day's pollution). My US employer will not let me have a motorcycle here, but I am allowed to have a bicycle with an engine or an ebike. I have a 500watt e bike that does surprisingly well for the $420 I paid for it new, but it is really limited in range and climbing ability on really steep stuff. I want to get out and explore with good range and without a huge amount of pedaling so I'm looking at the gas engine option. I have a new Giant ucan 2.0 full suspension mountain bike, but I'm looking for a big hardtail frame to swap into to take the engine. I want the SBP shift kit too. I really need help with this. I'm quite handy, but I don't have the means to fabricate anything over here so it all needs to be bolt-on. I'll be posting some questions.


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    Hello, Mark and welcome aboard.

    It sounds like the two stroke, frame mount engine is the one for you. No fabrication needed and the SBP shift kit works with it. You might have to drill an occasional hole or make a small steel or aluminum strut, but I'm assuming you have the ability to do small stuff like that. And you might not even have to go that far.

    Have fun and good luck.
  3. welcome to the forum.