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    Good day to all. I have just registered after discovering this site and the hopefully wonderful world of motored bikes. I am new to forums as well as new to motored bikes. A few years ago a friend gave me a bike that had been modified with a SACHS engine kit. It was relatively new and a blast to ride around. I didn't realize the extent it could play a part of my life until now that I have the "I am retired and I have more time" and "My son is off to college" phase of my life. Well I got the bike out of storage ( after 4 years) and of course it wouldn't start. So I have embarked on the journey of discovery of how does it work, how can I fix it and where do I get parts. I have made a lot of headway in the last 3 weeks. In the meantime I have really gotten the bug. Today I am participating in and ebay auction for an 80cc kit to convert an old bike. The kit may turn out to be a dud, but if I get it for under $200 it will be worth it for the fun and experience of tinkering with it. I welcome any advice and direction and hope to be a valuable contributing member to the forum.

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    hi sonny
    welcome to the forums
    they're not as hard as it can seem at times
    and there is a lot of people here that can be very helpful, both with the use of the forums and with your engines
    the "80cc" engine from ebay isn't really 80ccs, it is actually a little less than 70ccs. me bro has one on a cruiser bike and mine is now on the way and will go on an old steel frame mountain bike.
    I would also read about installing that little chinese engine, apparently they are made rather cheap. I think it can be just fine as long as you replace cheap parts and do a quality install.
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    Thanks for the post. I have looked at so many pictures of these installs in the last week. I can't tell from the pictures any difference between manufacturers. All of the engines look the same. I have read some good instructions on replacing/fabricating motor mounts, changing the sprocket and chain size and so on. I guess the only thing to do is plan as much as I can and then jump in and give it a go. I'll update with pictures throughout the project. Thanks again.
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    Welcome from Clearwater.
    Same boat more or less. Semi-retired (probably will never completely stop working till the almighty calls), kids in college. Yes, your eyes can get buggy reading and researching. I lurked here about 2-3 weeks before finally registering. All the while copying, pasting, bookmarking, and can't find half the stuff I saved. Tons of good info here and great people too who are more than willing to help. Search and research and have a ball!
  5. Welcome neighbor, from the Treasure Coast.......
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    Welcome to another from the land of " Love-Bugs !"
    I would FIRST, get that Sachs engine running. They are a dependable motor.
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    Welcome Sonny. I live in DeLand, Fl. There are several people I know here doing these things. I have a co worker who rides his to work every day just as I do. (I'll never be retired. The ex wife makes sure I'll work 'til I die and then some).
    I think we'll soon have a motorbiking club here in Central Florida. That would be cool.
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    Welcome, from Englewood, FL
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    Thanks for all the welcome posts. Found this site yesterday and spent half the night reading different posts and threads. What a great collection of ideas, resources and technical know-how. I appreciate being made welcome and hope that I can be a contributing member. Sonny
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    haha I know what you mean
    this site has been the reason I've slept less than six hours for a ~week or so now lol