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  1. UApower

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    My name is Adam, I just got got my new engine from King's and I'm concerned about how easy my clutch arm moves around. I can swing the clutch arm back and forth with my fingers. Is it normal?:thinking:
    ( I still haven't installed any components on the bike or engine )
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  2. professor

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    Hi Adam, welcome to Motoredbikes.
  3. UApower

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    Is my clutch arm normal?
  4. professor

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    Adam, post this question over in the frame mount or 2 stroke forum. maybe then you will get some answers.
    When I was over at my son's house looking at a HT on his bike- the clutch pull seemed like a bear trap to me. Angle down at the cable to arm was weird. Stock set- up though.
  5. KilroyCD

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    Adam, welcome to MBc. What part of PA are you from?
    As the professor said, it would be best to post that question in the two stroke section, as there are a lot of guys there who have tons of experience with that engine model and they likely don't hang out here in the intro section as much.
    That being said, I remember having some back and forth play with my 48cc Grubee, but it's hard to say whether it was the same amount of movement as you are experiencing. Once I got everything set up with the clutch cable attached and adjusted, the play was not an issue.