hello from Pewaukee, Wisconsin



I've been dreaming of a motor assisted bike for years. A few years back I took a chainsaw, some angle iron, 16" wheels from a kids bike and a belt and made a little "trailer" to propel me but it was so crude it was unusable other than a proof of concept. I just put some photos at http://photos.digitalride.net/www/gallery/v/chainsaw_bike/

I'm ready to shell out some cash to get something professional mounted right on the bike but need to get the right specs to make it worth it so I'll be asking very technical questions in the forums. I've got a specialized enduro full suspension and a lightning short wheel base recumbent that I'm considering powering. Both could be a challenge to fit.

The key for me will be getting something that is in tune with my pedaling. I would like to pedal nearly all the time but significantly boost my top speed to run errands better and compete in traffic.

If anyone with assembly/machining skills is within a few hundred miles of southeastern wisconsin I may employ some of your skills to get the job done right.



yow, this guy's serious!

hi, mppardee...glad to see you're in. i also think i'm gonna be glad to watch your project progress. anything you'd like to share would surely be appreciated in our tech & mount-specific areas.

welcome to the MBc 8)